Feature Screenplay · Video Pitch
Written by Darin Fauver & Clint Horvath


An engineer takes his father's time machine in order to track down his estranged sister who's on a quest to save their mother from dying.

"The Search for Hope"


Act I: Beginning to Inciting Incident In the near future, Ellington Del Marr works as an engineer. He lives with his Father, Daniel, an electrical engineer, mechanical engineer and physicist and 13-year-old sister Hope. His mother, Sophie died six years ago in a train collision that was traveling from New York to Paris, France at the speed of light.

Things are not so good in the home life with Ellington with his father. His father works a lot and is not very patient with Hope. She’s going through some changes that he cannot connect with her.

Hope is going through some changes that cannot be explained. She has powers similar to the Phoenix. She can create fire, kill and resurrect at will and heal herself. No one knows this but her. We don’t learn this until mid point of the story.

With Ellington being a 21 year-old man, Daniel has no time for Hope. He tells her she’s going to be sent to Boarding school. She rebels in the only way she knows how. By stealing the time machine.

Act I: Inciting Incident to Plot Point I Daniel tells Ellington the news. He also tells him he has to go and get her. He was unaware of the time machine. Now he must learn how to operate it and help reconstruct a new one. Lucky for him his father has a duplicate. Ellington has no clue where to go in order to find her. Daniel set up a tracker on the first machine. Old West 1885 is where he will be sent. Ellington’s concern is his attire. Daniel throws him a duffle bag with everything he will need, clothes, money, and futuristic equipment.

Act II: Plot Point I to Pinch I (We actually start with this scene) Ellington arrives in the Old West. He gets in an altercation with a Spanish refugee, Osvaldo. Ellington almost kills him. He spares his life because he has a family. They set up a campfire. Osvaldo informs him of a nearby town that’s pretty popular.

*NOTE: I do not own the rights to the above image. It is clearly a depiction representing the story.

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