Dr. Cannibal (2022)

Dream Sequence · October 1, 2022

"My Professor eats Human meat."


A new medical student witnesses his professor eating organs from deceased donors, in order to get a passing grade students must perform procedures on themselves and supply the professor with their organs so that he can eat them.

Short Story

There was this weird guy who everyone was obsessed with. His name was Dr. Cannibal, well that is what we called him. Some medical students would do anything for him. I was one of those students. I was too new to know the obsession.

After a few months, I started to see why they called him Dr. Cannibal. I found out he was asking the students to supply him with samples of meat from their bodies. This went on for some time. I witnessed the meat in containers and dropped it off at his door. This was Dr. Cannibal's way of having the student practice doing a procedure all the while getting his fix of human flesh.

After spending some years in the program, Dr. Cannibal started to show his face. He was terrifying. He was hunched over with stringy long gray hair and dark eyes. He was a horror to be around. He would get loud and scream on demand. After a few screams, he would forcefully slam his hands in rage. His eyes would bead out of his head. He started requesting the student give him samples from their organs.

The students would partially sedate themselves and operate. The students started looking very sickly. He was requesting pieces of lungs, spleens, and some bone from the spine. Some of the students, in desperation of trying to not be on Dr. Cannibal's bad side and tired of performing on themselves, started forcefully doing procedures on other students. I witnessed one girl puncturing another girl in her frontal lobe and pulling out pieces of brain meat just to get ahead in his class.

As students began giving him organs he started coming around more. He was forceful and aggressive. He was at the point of grabbing students and performing procedures without properly doing them. I remember I was sitting right in front of him in a dark class and no one provided him with any meat. He was standing next to his medical tools. He got so frustrated he grabbed my hair and started pulling out strands. He was pulling all my hair out. I grabbed the scalpel from the tray and stuck it up his jaw and pushed it up to his brain.

Dr. Cannibal's eyes froze with fear. Blood poured from his nose. The students could not believe what I did. But when you see evil up close like that, there is no way you do not become somewhat like it.

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