USUI (2015)

True Event · Reiki Sessions


A depressed man is sent to meet a Reiki Master in order to cleanse his spirit.

The River · June 17, 2015

I slouch as I sit down in a chair. Uncross your feet and lay your hands on top of your legs, the Reiki Master said. Now breathe in and release when I say. Again. Again. Now this time when you breathe in you will feel the love of God. I take a deep breath and hold it in. I slowly release it. I do feel something enter my body. I do it again. Close your eyes the Reiki Master says. I close my eyes. Think of a river that is flowing downstream with all your fears, negative energy, and dirt, the Reiki Master says. Now the water is clear. Before she can say place one foot in I already jumped in from a high cliff. I go to the bottom of a two-foot river. I rethink it and do as the Reiki Master says. I put one foot in, then the rest of my leg, then both legs. And now the water is up to my waist. The water is crystal clear. I can see myself. I am wearing only brown khaki shorts. I look up and on each side of the river, there are two giant cliffs. The sun shines bright through the trees at the top of the cliffs. I splash some water on my arms and chest. I dig my feet into the white sand. The water flows heavily towards me. The left side of the riverbank is black with a bunch of dirt floating with it downstream. The water is of warm temperature. I swim upstream. Baby fish and turtles swim past me. I stop and pick up a baby turtle. The turtle fits in the palm of my hand. The turtle's shell is dark but his skin is light. I pet him. I put him back in the water and he swims off. I continue to swim upstream. I rotate over on my back and float. I stare at the sun through the trees. The Reiki Master puts her hands on top of my head and then to the sides then around to the back. Her hands barely touch me but I can feel heat coming off of them. She repeats the steps, this time her hands hold my head. The water has stopped flowing. I look at the cliff to where I entered and Alma and Roman are standing there. They get in the water and instantly are next to me. I feel at ease. I don't want anything else but this. Alma and I both hold Roman. We put him on his back and he floats. He has a huge smile on his face. He laughs of joy. Alma is happy. I am happy. The right side of the riverbank continues to flow heavily. Zebras and a Rhino swim towards us. I take Roman and we pet the Rhino. He's cold and slimy. The sky gets dark. A chill passes over us. Alma holds my right arm. She's scared. I swim. I feel a ton of pressure on my right arm. At this moment the Reiki Master is holding my right shoulder. I feel my neck crouching. My back aches. The Reiki Master touches my neck. Her energy gives me energy to keep going to save my family. I suddenly awake. I'm still lying on my back floating. The sun still shines through the trees. I look for Alma and Roman. They're not there. I tell God. I tell him, "I don't want to be alone. I want my Family". Swimming straight for me is a big brown bear with black claws. I swim underwater and see all sorts of animals. I feel the Reiki Master's energy on my right side really strong. I open my eyes. There's no one there. I close my eyes and the bear is floating on his back. I float past him. I reach out and touch his claws. They're razor sharp but they do not cut me. I get out of the water and sit on a rock overlooking the river. The bear sits next to me. I pet his arm and the inside of his leathery paw. We go back into the water. He swims downstream. The water is at a standstill. It's crystal clear. There's no black dirt on any side. The sun shines brighter. I yell at God. Why?! He answers back. Everything is going to be okay. This time is going to pass. Be with your family. I feel a sigh of relief. I tell him, "I know what to do". I close my eyes and let the sun beat down on me. I get out of the water. I am instantly dry. I feel at one with the Earth. The Reiki Master tells me to slowly get out of the water, move my feet, open and close my hands, and slowly open my eyes.

The Rose · June 20, 2015

I sit down in a much different chair than last time. It's harder and steady. The Reiki Master asks if I would like to change out the chair. I decline because it has armrests and I like the idea of resting my arms. We begin. I close my eyes and rest my hands on top of my legs. I feel as if I take more breaths than before. But these breaths are deeper and I hold them longer. The three deep breaths are to feel the love of God. I take them and feel a tingle from my head to my chest. Now you will see a light shine bright, the Reiki Master says. My eyelids flicker. The light is blinding. The Reiki Master continues, think of a pink flower and imagine yourself in it. I think of a pink flower with a long green stem that is floating. My body instantly goes into a deep meditation. I feel my head lower. I cannot pick it up. The flower becomes a rose and I am sitting in it with my legs crouched up to my chest. The rose floats through a green field. My head is bent over. The Reiki Master puts her hands on my head. They're warm and I can feel her energy. Her hands allow my head to move back up. I can feel my chest moving. As the Reiki Master moves her hands from my head to my shoulders I can feel those muscles loosen up. I want the Reiki Master to touch my head so it can be lifted back up because I cannot move it. I try to think of other things but the meditation is strong. As I sit in the rose as it floats it rotates and I see Roman's face. I continue to sit there and do nothing. I want to do something, anything, but my body in my meditation just continues to stay meditating in the rose. I feel like I was locked in the rose and I wouldn't get out to see the light of day again. The word, "TRUST" appears and is spoken by God. The rose pedals open up one by one. The light shines bright through the pedals. As I stand up in the rose and exit, my foot is on the giant side. I stand out of the rose as a free and adult-sized man. The Reiki Master tells me to come out of the rose when I'm ready to come back. I feel like I am back but my body does not move. I open my eyes and wait for my feet to move. It takes a minute but they twitch then my hands follow.

The Storm · September 26, 2015

I sit down in a more comfortable chair. The Reiki Master tells me to breathe three times, hold it for two counts, and let go keeping my mouth open. I closed my eyes. The Reiki Master said that this wasn't going to be a meditation session but to just focus on breathing. The first thing that comes to mind is how cold the floor feels on my feet. I immediately think of being in a secluded area and standing barefoot on a rigged surface. In the distance is a forest and over it is a giant rain cloud. The sky is dark gray and it's thundering. All I know is that my destination is through the forest. I need to get to the other side, but I cannot move. I look down at my feet and they are not moving. I feel scared. A few moments go by and now I can see myself from someone else's point of view. I hear a voice, but I am alone. The voice tells me not to be afraid and it's going to be hard but you have to believe that you will make it; you are the only one who doubts myself, and everyone knows I can do it without a doubt. I still can't move. The cloud above the trees grows darker with more lightning. The voice repeats itself. Just before the Reiki Master says to come back, I see Alma's spirit dancing in front of me. Just before I open my eyes I step forward.

Behind the Story

These are my real experiences using reiki therapy. My mother-in-law started taking classes on how to do reiki. She started going to classes and using it as her own therapy. She told me stories about how positive the experience was and I was intrigued. When my son was born in 2015, she came to visit from Mexico to help us with odds and ends. By this time she was already licensed. On the days my son went to sleep early, I asked her if she can practice on me. Each session is titled as such because that was the main focus. I loved every bit of it. I fell deep in trans. My focus was clear. It was an incredible experience. I recommend this for relaxation, for meditation, and for getting out a great story. You have to be open-minded and at ease. Clear your mind, take a deep breath, and just listen.

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