Weaponistas (2017)

Dream Sequence · April 30, 2017


A group of misfit girls, who are experts in weaponry, are on the hunt to kill. The only thing slowing them down is a guy who's looking for a McDonalds.

Short Story

I walk into a tungsten-lit basement. The first half is empty. The back is rows of seats. Beautiful girls are sitting in the chairs eating. To the right is a very dark bar. Emily stands behind the bar with bags of McDonald's. I walk over to her and stand in front of the bar. Girls come down the stairs one by one. Each one is more beautiful than the next. I look around and everyone is eating McDonald's. At this point no one has acknowledged me yet, so I say to myself, I want some McDonald's and head upstairs.

I exit the building. We're on the main street with not a car in sight. Across the street is a closed McDonald's. Next door to the building is a closed McDonald's. Further down the street is another closed McDonald's. I look to my left and down the street is a McDonald's, so I walk in that direction. As I get further down the street, I notice the neighborhood becomes less attractive. There are broken walls, streets, graffiti, and trash everywhere. And I began to feel isolated. I get closer to the McDonald's. As I approach it the lights turn off. They are closed.

I see Santiago. He comes over to me and tells me there's another McDonald's back the way I came but around the corner. We get in our vehicles. He drives an all-black pickup truck and I drive my turquoise four-door soft-top jeep. I follow him. We drive past the building where I came from and past the closed McDonald's. He turns right at the end of the street. I turn right. He makes an immediate left.

At this point, our surroundings change. There are a lot of big, beautiful trees and log cabins. We pass a sign that says beware of big black bears. We turn again into this park. We drive a little way. Out steps a big black bear. He comes up to my car and pokes his needle-sharp claws through my roof. He claws at me. I duck so that he cannot reach me. He shakes my car back and forth. I hold on for dear life as he's rocking it hard and fast. He picks up my car with me in it and throws it like a basketball. By far goes flying through the air spinning in circles. Luckily it lands on all four wheels.

I wake up back in the basement. I plop myself in the last row of seats. The last row is like a long sofa. My head is spinning. I need to take a moment and get my bearings. I'm just trying to focus because everything cannot stop moving. When everything becomes a standstill, Ashley is standing there. She has long wavy black hair and is wearing black teddy lingerie. She does a little dance for me. There are people around us by my only focus is her. He sits on my lap facing away and begins to grind on me. She puts her head on my left shoulder and looks at me. We start to make out. As this is happening, I say to myself, YES!

I wake up on the kitchen floor next to the refrigerator. My cousin Alan is sitting on the floor next to a girl who's cleaning a gun. I look around and there are a lot of girls in dirty white tank tops with their hair tied up cleaning guns. One of the girls crawls over to me with two guns, one black and one clear. I take them. She says, you're going to need these they're coming for us we need to be prepared. I'm so confused.

I wake up and I'm lying on a hill overlooking the main road. It's getting dark and becoming hard to see. All the girls are crouched low. Alan is further down the hill. A white car drives wild and pulls straight towards us. A bunch of guys jump out and start shooting. They hit a bunch of girls. I crawl over to Alan and shout for my guns. He tosses me one. I aim at all these white preppy boys running up the hill. One guy points his gun at me. I can tell he's giving me the look as if I don't shoot he won't. So, I shoot him in the throat. Blood sprays everywhere. More guys run at me. I just keep shooting.

I'm in the backseat of an SUV with double sunroofs. They both are open. Alan is in the passenger seat and a Caucasian girl with black hair that's up in a ponytail is driving. Across the street we see our cousin, Cary walking past a McDonald's. I get excited; and finally get to have some McDonald's. Opposite is the white car. They see us as we rush over to Cary. They rush over to him too. We reach him at the same time. Alan pulls out a big black revolver gun with a black grip that shows six bullets. They jump out of the car. It's The Rock and Jason Priestley. Alan hands them the gun in good faith. The Rock takes it and shoots Cary in the face. We back up into traffic and drive off. The Rock and Jason Priestly run after us. Moments later they catch up and stop the vehicle. Jason Priestly says I'm going to kill one of you. He points to me. He pulls out a bomb-like fire sparkler and a tube. When these two components touch, they will explode and you will burn alive, he says. He closes his eyes. I jump up through the sunroof and hit the two objects together while he's holding them. He catches fire and screams.

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