Zombies Everywhere! (2021)

Dream Sequence · December 15, 2021

"Could it have been the meat we've been eating?"


After watching his friends eat bad meat at a party some of them get sick and die. On his way to get to his car, he notices everyone in the street are zombies.

Short Story

So, I was at my friend Omar's condo...in real life, he's married with a kid, but in this instance he was single. He had friends over. Friends I never met before. Everyone was wearing suit jackets and dress slacks. The girls were in dresses. His house didn't seem like it was in Florida, which is where we currently live. The walls were bare and stark white. The floor had a thick grayish carpet. The kind where it was like giant fibers, like the mats you put in the bathroom. It was nighttime and everyone was having a good time just drinking alcohol and talking with the music up. I went with Omar to a different room from where everyone was. It was a bedroom, and he grabbed his stomach. His face froze over, and he fell straight to the ground. I yelled out to his friends, but no one came. I didn't know what to do. I began to pump your chest and called 9-1-1. His friends finally came in and we started grieving. Someone stopped the music. The news popped on the television and the woman anchor started speaking about how people were experiencing stomach pains and suddenly died. After a few minutes, they would wake into Zombies. All of us were standing in front of the TV at this point. I turned around and walked over to Omar. His eyes rapidly woke up. My mouth dropped. I didn't know what to do. As his friends approached me, they saw him rise. Everyone started screaming. He then bit a chunk of meat out of my index finger. I pushed him off of me and ran out of his apartment and ran towards the stairwell. I opened the door and ran down. As I was running there was a random old guy there who was running down too just in front of me. I said to him that my friend had just become a Zombie, and I was bitten. He said he was bitten too. I ran through the front doors and there were cops outside of the condo and tons of Zombies covered the streets. Mainly coming from the left. I parked to the right around the corner. I drove a big red semi-truck like the Pork Chop Express from the film Big Trouble in Little China, have you paid your dues? Never mind. I needed to get to it. The Zombies were scary just like from The Walking Dead and were everywhere at this point. Police officers were getting bitten left and right. I ran through the crowds and around the corner. My semi-truck was surrounded by Zombies. I was really scared and just needed to get to my truck. My finger was bleeding badly. I said fuck it and ran through the streets towards my truck. At this point, Zombies were everywhere. Somehow, I managed to reach my truck, push some Zombies out of the way and get inside. I start the truck and plow through some Zombies. A few moments go by, and I get an eerie feeling of a presence in the truck. I look behind me at the cot bed at the back and Omar is sitting there as a completed transformed Zombie.

Behind the Story

This was kind of a crazy dream I had. I think Omar made a special appearance because earlier in the day his wife posted a picture of him on Instagram. And Omar has not posted a picture in a long time. I use to work with him back in 2012-2016 at the Miami Heat. We became good friends and continued a friendship. Seeing the picture of him was a shock and it must have stayed in my head. Now for the Pork Chop Express truck from the film Big Trouble in Little China and the Zombies, I'm not really sure. But I have to admitt it was pretty cool.

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