Sector 44

"The Blood of One Can Save Us All, If We Can Afford It"

Awards: Finalist in the All Access Screenwriting Competition for 2012


After World War III, an imprisioned young man whose blood can save Humanity tries to escape an enclosed facility, when he learns he's being harvested.

BlueCat Screenplay Script Analysis

The fast paced, explosive (naturally) exposition immediately draws us into the dark world that is the lead up to the year 2045, after a third world, full-scale nuclear, war has devastated the planet. Your premise offers so much in terms of Isaac, the hero, who is forced to sacrifice his own life and chances of happiness due to his unique blood that can heal the human race. Enigma revolves around Rogue, and his true feelings for Isaac, as we’re constantly keeping a wary eye on his motives, asking whether he really feels a paternal love for the boy, or whether he is merely harvesting him for his money-making assets. You play with ethical questions as to whether it is cruel to keep Isaac from experiencing the world, convincing him that staying cooped away is for the benefit of the greater good, unawares that the desperation, the pain, and the suffering after the war has all but leveled due to a deadly pandemic caused by nuclear weaponry.

The imagery and pacing at the beginning is very good. You create the atmospheric desperation in war perfectly, using both color and actions to achieve your goal.

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