Shut Up, You!

I Wish I Never Made You Up!


External/Internal Conflict

Will Milton be able to pitch his teleplay to his boss without the distraction from Darwin? Can Milton accept Darwin for who he is as his imaginary friend?


A cable network writer gets an interview to get his script made into a television show, but the only thing stopping him is his imaginary friend.

BlueCat Screenplay Script Analysis

This is a light-hearted comedy between two best friends (even though one is inside the mind of the other). This fact though, makes for an exciting story. What could come of such a duo? They argue, they celebrate together, and they clearly love each other very much. Milton’s goal to have his show made is a great goal for him. It advances the plot to its ultimate resolution. Even the side plot of Milton getting a date is interesting and funny.


Milton Schlesinger is a middle aged Jewish man, who is a writer for a cable network channel. Milton has been with the company for over 20 years. He is a hard worker but he never speaks up about all of his creative ideas. Milton is a shy man, never married, never really had a relationship. Milton keeps to himself because he is afraid of the consequences, the consequences of his adult imaginary friend, Darwin. Darwin has been with Milton since he was a kid. You can say their brothers. In fact, Milton thought they were brothers. Darwin’s skin color is not the only thing that gives it away, but Milton is an only child. As an adult, Milton has strayed from every person he has ever met because Darwin is always fighting with him. Milton is so embarrassed because he knows he is the only one to see him and he looks like a fool to be swinging and yelling into the air. Milton is working on a new pilot for the company; Darwin obviously takes all the credit. There is a big company meeting and Milton wants to present his idea of a possible new series. However, Milton is afraid of two things: 1) his nerves are going to get the best of him and 2) Darwin is going to mess things up as always.

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