Video Director

I am able to lead the team and communicate a clear and simple plan in order to get the project complete effective and efficiently.

Creative Director

I am able to see the whole picture and create a campaign that gets everyone involved and will create team morale.

Art Director

I am able to lead the graphics department and set standards while challenging the team in order to step out of the box and be innovative.

Art Teacher

I am able to break down and simplify the basics in order to help you start your career as an artist.

Story / Script Developer

Before writing anything, I will help you understand the element of story then help you apply that to the Hollywood standard screenplay format.

Motion Graphic Specialist

There's an art to titles, text and motion. I can help provide the knowlege to help boost your project.

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Between Renders Film Co. is a full fledge production company. We produce everything from feature films, short films, commercials, music videos and all other promotional spots.

Saint Fx · Design is a post-production company specializing in branding, motion graphics and visual effects. We are creative, efficent and effective with your time and project. We like to keep you in the process so you can see it come to life.

I can help you start and finish your screenplay by providing tips to help you understand and develop your screenwriting technique. I will cover how to capture the reader just with the first 10-Pages, set up the Syd Field's scene index, Blake Snyder's beat sheet, character backgrounds, scene headings, and all the details that make your script competition ready!