Posted on 04/29/14
Runtime: 0:41


Dead Zone  

"The Only Way Out is to Play by Your Rules"
  • Genre : Short // Action // Drama
  • Director : Clint Horvath
  • Cast : Clint Horvath, Omar Feliz, Zach West, Jaclyn Diaz, Ruben Dominguez
  • Writers : Rich von Halt
  • Producers: Clint Horvath, Alma Dominguez
  • Production Crew: Sean Barther, Omar Feliz, Clint Horvath


The prisoner is offered the opportunity to get out by participating in the prisons blood games. The warden threatens him by mentioning his wife the prisoner has no choice by to join the games. Aviglio, a guard punches the prisoner in the face and knocks out his teeth. The warden makes it very clear that the other way for him to actually get out is to not get hit.