Posted on 04/29/10
Runtime: 0:41

Behind the Scenes

Posted on 04/27/17
Runtime: 27:52

2 June 2010

MOAA: Mission of an Android  

"Feelings Can Change Everything"
  • Genre : Short // Sci-Fi // Drama
  • Director : Clint Horvath
  • Cast : Oscar Gonzalez, Ashley Goodman, Stephanie Auguiste, Evan Flores, Clint Horvath, Alma Dominguez, Colby Taylor, Tiffany Medina
  • Writers : Rich von Halt (Story), Alma Dominguez (Story), Franz Margitza (Screenplay)
  • Producers: Clint Horvath, Alma Dominguez
  • Production Crew: Evan Flores, William G. Huang, Dan Jackson, Tiffany Medina
  • Post Crew: Alex Escobar, Evan Flores, Cary Horvath, Alexander Serra, Colby Taylor, Enrique Zanabria



Riddick escapes World War III and adapts to civilization life. After spending days at a homeless shelter he begins to fall in love with one of the residence. One day she sneaks around his house only to see his body is of a complete computer and it glows green. He tells her how androids were built to fight in the war and how he got out. The next day at the shelter another type of android was developed and is now sent to kill Riddick.