Posted on 07/16/15
Runtime: 1:19

10 July 2015

The Betrayal  

"All is Forgiven"
  • Genre : Short // Crime // Drama
  • Director : Clint Horvath
  • Cast : Johnny Caicedo, Dave Jia, Pamella Gil, Justin Brackett, Mariana Dominguez, Debbie Baker Robinson, Christy Cole, Scott Getz, Robin Martino, Ian Quinn, Trey Shawn
  • Writers : Rich von Halt
  • Producers: Clint Horvath, Alma Dominguez, Louis Neira
  • Production Crew: Melissa Avalos, Sean Barther, Johnny Caicedo, Evan Flores, Dave Jia, Bruce Mcnair, Kemuel Pierre-Louis, Christian Sims
  • Post Crew: Javier Caballero, Darin Fauver



Paramedic Isais Eschurt waits for Detective Jules Taradico to join him for lunch so that he can break important news to him. But before Isais can reveal anything to him, Jules takes over the conversation with what he just witnessed.

Jules was undercover in the projects when all of a sudden he hears screams coming from the next apartment. He goes over there only to find a Veteran had just overdosed. After a handful of minutes he wakes back up and tells Jules a story of what he just experienced, Hell.

Isais canít believe his ears. They jump subject and Jules warns Isais about him helping the addicts in the projects. It turns out the Drug Lord; Louis C is on the hunt for him. Isais confesses that he knows Louis C is after him and he wants Jules to tell Louis C where he will be so that he can prove to the people how bad Louis C is and in hopes the people will make a wise decision to stay clean.