Posted on 11/15/15
Runtime: 1:40

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Posted on 04/27/17
Runtime: 1:23

21 November 2015

Tomorrow Never Comes  

"Everyone Should Get a Second Chance"
  • Genre: Short // Crime // Drama
  • Director: Clint Horvath
  • Cast: Pearce Blair, Luis Ramirez, Richard Capalbo, Mariana Dominguez, Charelle Sno, Eric Power, Marci Savitch
  • Writers: Rich von Halt
  • Producers: Clint Horvath, Alma Dominguez, Pearce Blair
  • Production Crew: Melissa Avalos, Sean Barther, Evan Flores, Kemuel Pierre-Louis
  • Post Crew: Javier Caballero, Darin Fauver, Omar Feliz, Julian Rodriguez



Leonard Lynch starts his day off like any old hit man, coughing up blood. He has a big job today, but first he must visit his wife at the graveyard. His visit is cut short when he has to board his flight in order to get the job done. After setting up his spy machine in the hotel and being able to listen through the walls to his targets, a respected lawyer and his assistant, he comes to find out the lawyer just had a sudden death in the family. Lynch starts to questions his own actions to his late wife. He feels pain and regret. He has a change of heart and must decide whether or not to kill the lawyer before he suffers the consequences.