Alienation (2023)

Short Screenplay

"You must find your way back to embrace human connection rather than to retreat into isolation."


An estranged father and son go on the journey of a lifetime when they find themselves on an intergalactic voyage they never asked to be on. They discover evidence of advanced human civilizations all throughout the universe.

Behind the Story

This short screenplay prompt is part of the hiring process from Level 4 Press. This selection is a part of their science fiction genre. My job was to write 5-10 pages based on the information provided. They wanted to see how well I can write based on their arc, character descriptions, story concepts, and outline beats, which I had to follow. I had a lot of fun writing this. I don't usually write screenplays based on other works but I wanted to give it a try. If hired, I would be part of the writers' room at their company, which would allow me to work with the novelist on creating the story and adapting it into a screenplay. I, unfortunately, did not get accepted.

Level 4 Press has other genres I can try to take a stab at so onward and upward.

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