Short Screenplay
Written by Darin Fauver & Clint Horvath · Story by Omar Feliz


An employee of a high powered building cannot leave because he's being stopped by the Shadow Man.


HAL sits at his desk. He stares intensely at the computer screen. The render bar on his computer screen’s almost complete.

Hal slides his finger across his cell phone display.

SFX: Ping!

Hal gathers his things, shuts off his computer screen, light and door.

Hal locks main door and walks through the hallway.

Hal pushes the elevator button going down.


Hal looks at his watch and around the elevator.

RAIN sounds the lot. Hal walks pass a MAINTENANCE GUY towards his car. In the distance, he see’s the SHADOW MAN. He unlocks his car, gets in, starts it and reverses.

He drives towards the exit. The gate’s down. He drives to the next exit. That gate’s down. He drives to the third and that’s closed.

He parks his car in his space. He gets out and locks it.


Hal enters the building. He walks pass rows of computers. Their screens flicker and shake with noise.

The desk at command center his covered in sliding glass. Hal approaches the desk and slides the glass over. He peaks his head inside. The shadow man appears in the reflection.

Hal walks. At the end of the hallway the Shadow Man appears and chases him. Hal runs.

Hal runs through the halls. The Shadow Man appears on the televisions that hang overhead. He watches as Hal runs pass the televisions.

Hal runs.


Hal looks at his phone. The screen displays, “Private”. He swipes the answer button. The button won’t swipe.

Hal runs pass a stairwell. The Shadow Man sits and watches him pass by.

Hal approaches a dead end. He turns around. The Shadow Man stands and stares at him. He walks towards Hal.

SECURITY GUARD stands and looks around. He takes out his walkie-talkie and signals Command Center.

Command Guard opens the H.A.L. Systems program and does a master reboot.

On the monitor in the elevator the Shadow Man has his back turned. He turns around and it’s Hal. He looks close in the camera very sternly.

*NOTE: I do not own the rights to the above image. It is clearly a depiction representing the story.

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