Cursed (2020)

Feature Screenplay
Written by Clint Horvath & Alma Dominguez


A middle-aged prostitute who can’t seem to get it right finds an unconscious priest who’s battling his own demons.

External/Internal Conflict

Will Father Gabriel resist the urge to kill himself?
Can Father Gabriel forgive society enough to see the good in humanity?

Will Liz be able to get out of the prostitute game?
Can Liz respect herself enough to find the strength in order to resist the urge of temptation?

"Father, please forgive me for I am about to sin"


Father Gabriel hates life. He hates the new generation. He doesn't understand God. He drinks his pain away. His only real friend, Lou, is a demonic figure who's the mirror image of him. One day in the church quarter he finds out a pedophilia priest is joining their congregation. He gets so upset that he refuses to go back to the church. He buys alcohol and drinks. He drinks so much that he passes out. He falls and hits his head.

He wakes up in a strange woman's house. He has a very hard time coming to himself. After a few days, he learns she is a middle-aged prostitute, Liz, who's battling her life's decisions. During his stay, he has met her friends (prostitutes), her neighbors and got to see her get ready for the nightlife. These are people that disgust him. He would never look the sight of them.

He soon starts to realize these people may have hard exteriors but they have the most compassion. One night during Liz's outings, she gets gang-raped. And the day after that her pimp, Arlo, comes over to reprimand her. Instead, he gets in an altercation with Father Gabriel and kidnaps Liz.

In order to stop the hate and have a clear mind to do the right thing. He must kill Lou. Father Gabriel knows he has to go into the unknown in order to save a soul worth saving.

*NOTE: I do not own the rights to the above image. It is clearly a depiction representing the story.

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