Lillian Files (2024)

Dream Sequence

"Crime Family Stories."


Identical twin brothers brutally kill those after their crime family kidnaps and tortures them.

Short Story

It's well known that there's a family out there that captures people and kills them. Well, not the whole family. Two twin brothers do the killing. These brothers are never seen. The only time they show themselves is when you're about to die. And it just so happens this family lives in my town. The name of this family is called, "The Lillian's".

I don't remember much. All I can gather is my hands being tied together and sitting on the floor in their living room. My mouth is taped, and my eyes are blindfolded. I can hear people talking and a bunch of noise. As my blindfold is removed, I can see I'm one of many that sit on the floor taped and tied.

An older woman approaches and takes off the tape from my mouth and removes the rope from my wrists. The older woman is in a nightgown and has brown curly hair. It almost looked like the rollers were still in her hair. Her thick glasses are covered in smoke from her lit cigarette hanging from her lips.

I look around and the living room is rather small with just two love seats, one in front and the other against the window next to the door I am sitting by. A small lamp on a wooden end table is in the corner of the two love seats. In front of the sofas is a wooden cocktail table. The light is so old that it fills the house with yellow maybe it's also because of the cigarette smoke. The dining room is just to the right of us, and it's pitch dark.

With all of us now released the tape, blindfolds, and rope, the old woman opens the door and looks up. She nods to the exit. We all leave one by one and stand on the porch. The porch is made of wood and has a banister that wraps around it. The stairs are just left of the door, but again it's pitch dark. The only light is from the living room. Then it happens.

The twin brothers appear with an axe in hand. Both brothers are wearing black leather jackets, black dress pants, and black dress shirts that are half-open. Their hair is long but glued to their heads and slicked back. As soon as I saw them, I knew who they were. Before I can think the axe from one of the brothers came straight towards my head.

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