Peter and the Pocket Guide to Hunting Vampires
and Other Demon Like Creatures (2021)

8 Episode Teleplay

"Happy Traveling"


Late bloomer Peter Peterson encounters the dark underworld of Vampires when he gets a job working for a Travel Agency run by the Mob.

Episode 1: Log-Line

Peter, a young adult, is forced by his father to get a job at a travel agency run by the Italian mob; upon completing a day's work he witness's the murder of his father.

Episode 2: Log-Line

After work Peter encounters a Vampire.

Episode 3: Log-Line

Peter gets suspicious and buys a book on Vampires; he falls for a girl, Lily, who sells him the book; towards the end of the night his co-workers Pete and the rest of the Italian mob take him to the cave for a side job they do with the Vampires.

Episode 4: Log-Line

Peter learns the Italian mob disposes of the dead bodies that the Vampires kill; the next night Lily invites him to a play to his surprise, it's about Vampires.

Episode 5: Log-Line

Peter and Pete head to the cave to pick up a small package and in doing so they witness an initiation of a new Vampire.

Episode 6: Log-Line

To Peter's surprise he's bitten in the middle of the night by a Vampire; after a few days of solitude he goes back to work and let's Pete know what happened. On his way home he finds out Lily is missing as well as his mom.

Episode 7: Log-Line

While at the cave, Pete spots Lily tied up; on his way out the Italian mob gets killed; Pete and Peter head back to the cave for vengeance.

Episode 8: Log-Line

Peter and Pete take vengeance at the cave. After Pete gets bitten the Vampires take Peter hostage.

Behind the Story

A friend of mine came to me with the idea of doing something where the main character wears a Hawaiian shirt. I said give me a couple of days to come up with a story. I began to brainstorm. I didn't want to do my normal way of outlining only because it takes me a really long time. I knew I wanted to make these eight episodes, but I never wrote a series. I have mainly been writing short and feature screenplays. So I decided to write ten points for each episode. Each point would represent different things that happen in the story. I got really excited. The story just flowed out of me. I set up a dinner for my friend to come over so I can pitch him the story. He and his girlfriend came over. My wife made dinner and we talked. I couldn't wait to get to the story. We ate then I pitched. It didn't go as great as I planned. I could tell my friend wasn't excited as I was. I think he was looking for a Magnum, P.I. type of story. I couldn't help the idea that came out of me. It was just so naturally. The story may have not been greenlit by my friend but I at least got the story out of it. My wife's very excited and cannot wait to produce it.

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