Sector 44 (2012)

Feature Screenplay · Full Sail University Thesis

"The Blood of One Can Save Us All, If We Can Afford It"


After World War III, an imprisoned young man, whose blood can save Humanity tries to escape an enclosed facility when he learns he's being harvested.


In a post apocalyptic world radiation wave begins to bury their self into humans cause them to be born with an incurable disease. Scientist comes together to create a cure. The last human born before the war is taken and tested in a facility to create a cure. On the 44th try the doctors get it right. After 20 years of being in solitude and having blood drawn every month to induce infants with his blood to keep them alive, a young girl is brought in to the facility. The cure does not work it only slows down the disease; it is only a matter of time before she dies. She comes in contact with Sector 44 and begins to unravel the details of the real world. She finds out who he is and how important he is. She wants him to experience life and plans to escape. The scientists find out that she has a plan for Sector 44 and begin to stop them. The girl stops taking the cure and her goal is to get Sector 44 out and live his life. In doing so the disease takes over and she dies. Sector 44 goes back to the facility to continue being the cure. He does not want to live without her.


Isaac retells his story of why he’s in the facility, how he is the cure for The Human Xistance. He explains how the radiation from World War III’s nuclear bombs caused people’s red blood cells to die and because of this have organ failure. His blood rejuvenates their red blood cells and he is known and “The Cure”.

Casey is transported from another facility to The Human Xistance, where Isaac is held for testing. Isaac meets Casey. Isaac suspects Casey is like him, meaning she too has Thorium in her blood. He can tell because her eye color is similar to his. His left eye is brown and his right his blue. Her left eye is brown and her right eye is half brown half blue.

Isaac comes to know his blood is not given but sold. The Rich are able to buy his blood with the plasma and not have any symptoms whatsoever. The poor on the other hand have to pay a fortune and receive only his blood without the plasma. By not receiving the plasma they have sickly like symptoms.

Doctor Alec Rouge, the head of the facility and father figure to Isaac locks Isaac up in solitude for five days. Isaac begins to get sick because of fumes from the Greenhouse (located at the same end of the facility as the room he is in) is this white like fog and filled with chemicals that he has never breathe before.

Isaac begins to snoop around and located where that toxic like fumes was coming from. When he finds out that it’s from the Greenhouse he is relieved because he is a good friend with the Greenhouse keeper, Lety. He figures he can use this for a diversion to plan an escape for he and Casey.

Isaac puts his plan in motion for the escape. He dresses in disguise and fogs the facility with the fumes from the Greenhouse. He and Casey make their way outside but before reaching the gates the Security Guards fire and Casey goes down. Isaac believes she has been shot and is dying. She is transported to a hospital for urgent care. Isaac decides if he leaves his blood will no longer go to the rich people and the poor will still not be able to afford it and eventually he will be tracked down by Doctor Alec Rouge or humanity will come to an end. So Isaac stays at the facility in order to help those who he can.

We revert back to the same scene in the beginning where Isaac is giving his monologue. We then see Casey giving birth to a baby boy whose eyes are similar to Isaac’s. Their baby would later become the savior for the poor people.

* * * Review * * *

The fast paced, explosive (naturally) exposition immediately draws us into the dark world that is the lead up to the year 2045, after a third world, full-scale nuclear, war has devastated the planet. Your premise offers so much in terms of Isaac, the hero, who is forced to sacrifice his own life and chances of happiness due to his unique blood that can heal the human race. Enigma revolves around Rogue, and his true feelings for Isaac, as we’re constantly keeping a wary eye on his motives, asking whether he really feels a paternal love for the boy, or whether he is merely harvesting him for his money-making assets. You play with ethical questions as to whether it is cruel to keep Isaac from experiencing the world, convincing him that staying cooped away is for the benefit of the greater good, unawares that the desperation, the pain, and the suffering after the war has all but leveled due to a deadly pandemic caused by nuclear weaponry.

The imagery and pacing at the beginning is very good. You create the atmospheric desperation in war perfectly, using both color and actions to achieve your goal.

- BlueCat Screenplay Script Analysis

Behind the Story

Before I started Graduate school, I had the idea of writing a screenplay of a young adult male infected with a superpower that the whole world needs to survive. I knew I wanted it to be set in a facility that is all in white. I kind of wanted to combine "The Cure" from X-Men the Last Stand (2006) and "Martin Brundle" from the Fly II. But that's all I had. At the time of my having this idea my wife and I were watching a show on Netflix, "Stan Lee's Superhumans". And there was a guy on the show who had an area of the brain that made him calculate numbers without thinking. Well actually, my wife was watching that particular episode and was telling me about it and she had mentioned the area of the brain was called Sector 44, but when rewatching it's actually called Area 44. But with her mistake, the word Sector 44 shined a light.  

In one of the first classes, I was assigned to write one paragraph for three stories that I would want to work on as my thesis for the remainder of the duration. This story was the most intriguing and I knew I wanted to develop it more. I knew it was going to be difficult since it was heavily involved with science, which I knew I didn't know anything about. So it was time for me to get smarter.  

When starting the course, I didn't know anything about storytelling or screenwriting. So on top of learning about science, I had to learn about storytelling, screenwriting, graphic novels, animation, and teleplays plus do all of the assignments. It was time to get to work. My whole goal to pursue my Masters's was to teach and write my own films I can direct.  

I had some wonderful classes at the university and some of those classes really pushed the development of the story. Each class would focus on different aspects of the development like characters, setting, and placement of the incidents.  

Halfway through the course and writing I took a weird direction and knew it was going to be terrible. I contacted the instructor immediately and let him know I need to stop and rework what I have. He understood and let me hold back on the development even though a lot of the story was supposed to be turned in. He told me to turn in what I would have not expecting me to hit the page count I needed to hit. I needed to rewrite about sixty pages in order for me to fix it. That coming Sunday I worked at the American Airlines Arena's Disney on Ice event which was three shows. I brought my laptop and got to work on the story. For the event, all I had to do was turn off and on the LEDs of the sponsors before the show, after, and intermission. At the end of the night, I reached my quota of te sixty pages. The instructor was impressed and the story made more sense.  

After turning it in I received a 93%. I made revisions based on all the instructor's feedback. I submitted it to one festival and waited to see it was really any good. Six months went by after graduating and I received an email that let me know I was a quarter-finalist, then semi-finalist, then lastly finalist. I was shocked at the results.  

I wasn't big on reading and writing as a kid and had a lot of doubts to see if I can actually do this. I knew I wanted to make films and I knew I had to write my own if I was going to be successful. After a couple of years, I revisited this script and sent it to another festival which provided feedback. I didn't revise it for that festival and was unlucky of making it in. A couple of more years went by and I revisited it again. I revised it and added some additional scenes and altered the ending. I submitted it to some more festivals and to my surprise, it made it to Semi-Finalist.  

I feel I will be revising this script right up until it's put into production.

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